Do you work in wellness industry and own a beauty salon or a Hairdresser shop? Do you want to make people happy? Are you a natural-born businessman/woman?

If the answer is yes, then here you will find the opportunity for your dreams to come true!

We at Krians offer you the chance to join our team by choosing the most suitable solution for you!

We have created a brand capable of serving people, becoming a solution, something special and indispensable:

A unique concept corner;

The use of excellent raw materials;

A well organized, efficient and widespread sales network, which is supportive and easily accessible to anyone.

Do you really want to miss all this? 

We guess not!  Then become a reference point for anyone who wants to be beautiful and fit. Fuel your entrepreneurial fire, seize this unmissable opportunity to build your own business with us!

Our products will make you successful! We offer you three options to choose from:

Becoming a Krians "Point" will help your sales increase, you will expand your business, achieving greater visibility. Together with our team you will hit new, challenging goals.

Krians Reseller

Today we tend to go back to basics: an increasing number of people, in fact, look for 100% natural and organic products.

Krians offers you the chance to 100% satisfy your customers and win new ones.

Besides our valuable products, success will come from brand exclusivity, which lets you offer your final consumer something unique: the privilege to use the results of an excellent, targeted research aimed at creating precious oils, creams, shampoos, and much more for    enhancing body and mind.

Each material used is carefully selected, in the continuous pursuit of quality and excellence of the land products

By joining our brand, you will also have the opportunity to effectively advertise your business, because each of our employee is part of the great Krians family. As a result,  you will widen even your economic and work goals.

Krians Corner 

A Krians’s Corner is a great solution, i.e. create a well-defined space within a shopping center, a department store, a business that relates to the reference sector or a public area suitable to introduce and sell a wide range of Krians’ products. 

A gritty setting combined with the right space will be the key to your success – you will win as many customers as you desire! Our brand represents craftmaship, Made in Italy, style and excellence.

We do believe that we have achieved our ultimate gol, i.e. make people understand our brand exclusivity, the meaning that these products take for our customers. Everything will be in your corner.

The proposal you will offer to your potential customers will be truly appealing, especially because each product will become an everyday partner, the right complement for a dazzling look from  head down to toes.

We want to provide you with the opportunity to join a brand that is synonymous with innovation and you will see for yourself that our products will be a smashing hit. We are ready to welcome you, supplying you products and help.

*The images showhere are for illustrative purposes only. This varies according to Functional project and location.

Your business franchise

The Krians Franchising option allows you to start a shop in the city you live in, with a brand-new image and an excellent brand to propose to your customers. You will supply  your sutomers high quality and famous products, which are sought after as well. By Krians brand you will be able to win new and significant market shares in your city or province. 

You will organize your franchise store with design choices, bright and cozy rooms that will turn into lounges where customers will personally test Krians’ products through self-mini beauty treatments that will prove the products efficacy and let them experience the many benefits involved in buying Krians products.

Do not forget that you will be mentioned as a retailer and we will advertise your new business on your behalf. You will have access to top level sales network, featuring an extended, well structured distribution able to fulfill orders quickly and ship items everywhere. 

All this will become a strength to be exploited to make you famous and provide people in your territory with exclusive and unique products whose top-quality will allow you to increase your sales. As you will see, people will be curious to try new raw materials they did not even know before! 

For every skin and hair, face and body requirement, people will come to you, to seek advice as well as Krians products.

Krians network is waiting for you, because together we will do great things!

*The images showhere are for illustrative purposes only. This varies according to Functional project and location.

Choosing to be a Krians "Point" will help you to increase your sales and expand your business, which results in greater visibility. With our professional team aid and support you will hit new and challenging goals.

Fill in the form and you will receive a prompt answer. One of our agent will be back to you in minutes to clear any doubts and answer  your questions.  Your personal Krian agent will help you understand how easy will be for you to succeed, expand your customer base and win new customers as well. He/She will explain anything in details, so that you can decide and start your new business right away.  We are sure you won’t be disappointed. Indeed, your satisfaction will skyrocket.

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