Sometimes beautiful things happen by chance. Sometimes they are coveted and shared for a very long time.

Synonymous with excellence, Krians is a unique combination of creativity and quality, style and the utmost care for details. Krians is the link between these two possibilities, a brand created by the expertise of Cristina and Andrea, a young couple who shares a common passion and a dream: create their own brand to sell top-quality skin care products. The brand’s name derives from the merger of these two young people’s name: KRI (Cristina) ANS (Andrea). Their joint forces built KRIANS. 

All the transformation processes involved in raw material processing contribute to a valuable product’s creation. You will enjoy any benefits concerning aesthetics, a term deriving from Greek language, which stands for “sensation”. This means perception through senses, the best manner to get acquainted with people. Thanks to Krians, your body aesthetics will become irresistible to anyone you meet.

Perception is the brand philosophy’s core: since the package opening, in fact, you will be surrounded by countless emotions. By using Krians products you will see your looks dramatically changed and a warm sense of wellbeing will fill you. You will feel and actually be absolutely charming! This is exactly what we at Krians had in mind when we designed the product lines that will win your eye, skin and heart with their joie de vivre and energy, which cannot be compared to any other skin care products’. Each Krians’ product is unique and exclusive. 100% natural ingredients are the secret of our success: we utilize 100% natural, precious ingredients giving you the best of Mother Nature.

The daring, maybe unconventional choice to stay in Italy (instead of moving abroad) and build a sound business in this country, is definitely giving positive outcomes. “Made in Italy” has always been synonymous with quality, a pride that we can be proud of all over the world. Entirely developed and implemented in Italy,  Krians Bio professional  line is especially suitable for those who love  soft creams that absorb quickly and easily as well as instant results. The wide range of shampoos gives your hair the look and feel you have always dreamed of.

Upon looking at your image in the mirror you will surely smile, but the reactions from other people will make you even feel better! Handicraft production is the true Krians leitmotiv, a typical tradition enclosing Italian know-how and uncontaminated land quality, which include the essential features for a perfect full body care routine.

Of Moroccan origins, Andrea has brought with him the chief ingredients of our products, the precious raw materials of his homeland, which are processed in Italy giving birth to  Krians natural beauty line.

Made in Morocco is a virgin and uncontaminated land, that gives valuable fruits for body and soul. Raw materials tone up your body and recharge your mind. You will feel full of life, energy and joy thanks to African fruits’ amazing properties. Raw materials are supplied by a cooperative that works to help local population. This is a plus for our products and touches our hearts as well.

Not only Krians wants to help you out in everyday life, but we do the same for  Moroccan workers, by fighting against their exploitation and providing them with a respectable job. The outcome of accurate research and recipe including first quality ingredients is the finest “made in Morocco” example. By wrapping your body in natural ingredients’ superb scents, you will feel comfortable and appreciate the results instantly generated. You’ll be ecstatic on seeing your new self, thanks to Krians products